Three Treasures is a nine month program rooted in a potent triad of Taoist archetypes - EARTH, HUMAN BEING, HEAVEN.  These touchstones represent the main transformational states from the substantial to the etherial.  

Taking place over spring, summer and autumn seasons, Three Treasures teaches skillful means for moving fluidly with the constancy of change.  

It is designed for practitioners of all movement modalities and anyone interested in gaining insight into the art of being a more vibrant, awake and engaged human being.

Each weekend includes dynamic physical practice, lecture, group discourse, and contemplation of the following: 

  • Compelling links between Yoga asana and energetic techniques of Qi Gong
  • Ancient Qi Gong and Kundalini Tantra meditation practices
  • Vedic philosophy and Taoist thought (how each reveal hidden aspects of the other)  
  • The Yoga Sutra, Upanishads, Yi Jing (the Oracle of Changes) and excerpts from specific classical texts on internal alchemy.

Three Treasures is not a teacher training or a certification.  It’s a gateway to the interwoven layers of your consciousness and a vehicle for direct self-knowledge. 

Welcome to the bridge.

The Bridge Practice | Three Treasures

Apr 29 - May 1  |  Fri - Sun

Jul 22 - 24 |   Fri - Sun

Oct 21 - 23 | Fri - Sun

All three weekends are hosted by New York City’s leading studio for Taoist studies:    

Element | Center for Transformational Arts | 28 Warren St | NYC | 3rd Floor

Pricing and Additional Details

Three Treasures is a cumulative experience.  Each weekend the teachings will build upon the previous module.  For the first module (EARTH) a limited number of spaces will be made available for those who only want to attend this module.  The subsequent two modules (HUMAN BEING and HEAVEN) can only be attended by those who have completed EARTH.


$750 - 1 Weekend | Level 1 | EARTH | * Limited number of spaces available. 


$2,100 - 3 Weekends | Complete Program | (EARTH, HUMAN BEING & HEAVEN) 


$3,200 - 3 weekends (EARTH, HUMAN BEING & HEAVEN) + 5 one-on-one online sessions with Kevin or Thomas throughout program

** Those who complete Three Treasures will be invited to participate in a 5 day residential retreat in the Spring of 2017.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at